Our Intro

So, we’ve tried the whole blog thing before a long time ago, but really without a real sense of focus. This time, we have decided to blog about multiplicity: what it means to us, how it effects us in our every day life, etc. etc. There is so much involved in that topic that I’m sure we could write forever. There are many of us in our system. We call our sytem, cetcetera. Any one of us may write here or one may write for everybody. We’ll just see how it goes. The way our system has been lately with the time of year, there may be several entries in the same day at times. It tends to be that a great many of us do not like to reveal our names so do not be surprised if blogs go unsigned or get the generic signature “cetcetera” or “c,etc”.

We want to thank our friends BJs for suggesting this place as a place for us to get out our multi thoughts. We were struggling for a place that felt right for us at this point in time. We get overwhelmed easily right now and this feels much more doable for us than an email list or such at the moment. We love and miss our multiple friends very much and hope that this can be a way for us to keep in contact, also. We are keeping this blog private (at least I hope that I set up the privacy settings correctly!) and am going to just invite friends to join for now. Who knows, maybe one day we will open up to the public? We do have a writer inside who is talking more and more about beginning to write a book about multiplicity (something that has been discussed inside for many years), so I do know that that time is getting closer.

I think, am pretty sure, that folks can comment/reply on the blog, which would work out best for me/us cuz we aren’t keeping up with our emails, even regular emails, well at all. If you want to write to us then our email addy is in our profile. Just please post a note in a comment that you wrote us a private email so we will know to check for it. Otherwise we will probably never find it, at least not for a very long time.

Thanks for listening and being a part of our blog!

A very mixed group of Fall parts of Cetcetera


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