Random thoughts


I don’t know who has been out the last week and a half, but whoever it is has a haircolor that blended with the red dye we have on the body’s hair looks really pretty to lots of people. We’ve had several compliments in the last week or so…people asking if I’ve changed my hair. lol. Nope, not with dye anyway. It’s still a red color, but a different hue, I guess you might say.

We’re heading out tomorrow evening for Missouri. I’m not working tomorrow, took the day off cuz I knew I’d be too nervous. Right now I’m just trying to figure out what we can take onto the plane with us. With all the new rules and all. We are flying Continental and we don’t want to pay to check baggage so are going to just do carry on luggage. So, gotta abide by all the rules on what we can and cannot bring on board. Right now, I’m concerned about my husband’s electric razor. I really really hope he can bring it….

G’night for now…



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