Life is a Vortex

Life has been so crazy lately. 

We saw our Pdoc today and told him how much of a headcase we’ve been lately. Crying at the drop of a hat, walking around in a fog, like some kind of zombie- – oblivious to others around me. He increased the dosage of one of my meds. We’ll see what that does. At least it’s the one I take at night. lol. He wants me to see him again soon.

This blog is a really great project and there are so many things we can do on this site. We get overwhelmed real easily right now, so it’s just enough to help us keep distracted when we need something. haha. We added a couple of song lyrics, but there are tons more floating around in my head. I’ll get to them all eventually. It’s taking a little bit just getting used to this site, but man is it kewl and there are so many possibilities. It’s like having your own website, only it’s called a blogsite. Way kewl!

Anyway, gonna go for now. Just wanted to touch base.


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