Memory Fragments

I’ve been having random fragments of memories popping out at me lately and I thought I’d post them in the hopes that someday insiders will fill in the gaps…

  • I remember my mom, me, and my friend (don’t remember who) were walking into this house (don’t know why) and I must have said something that pissed mom off cuz she grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall (IN PUBLIC AND in front of my friend!!!)  and said some harsh words that I dissociated away.  I was so humiliated that she did that in front of my friend. By this time, I was so used to her physical abuse that the slamming me against the wall itself (and hitting my head) didn’t phase me. It was that she did it in front of my friend. I dont’ remember anything else about this memory.  Oh yeah, and I think I was in my early teen years, though not sure about that either.

Will add more as they come. I had a few in my head last night, but of course wouldn’t you know that when I am ready to type them out, poof they are gone. lol.


2 responses to “Memory Fragments

  1. jayceemaycee

    my dad used to pick us up by our jaw-head, and yell and shake us when we were little in colorado. he would take his finger and poke our forhead and say mean things..i used to hypervenalate really bad after. he has mellowed too…but it wasnt fun. when i was working at the shop as a teen and he was mad one day he slammed me against the brick wall, leaving bruises. I just have no real feelings about it anymore…

  2. Yeah, unfortunately it all sound too familiar. I know what you mean….you kinda get numb from it after a while. A lot of times, I would MUCH rather someone be physically abusive than emotionally….I guess cuz it’s easier for me to deal with. Thankfully our system is healthy enough that we have an inner agreement not to allow anyone to hurt us physically no matter how a few insiders feel. It’s understanding that they feel that way, but being abused in any way, shape, or form is not okay and not acceptable for us anymore.

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