Rejected – a visit to the doctor

Below is a true story of a very bad visit I had to a doctor last Thursday for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am currently seeking a new doctor who actually cares about his patients more than he cares about going home a little early.


Dealing with the torment of excruciating pain

Fingers no longer move painlessly,

wrists pulsate with pain,

elbow stinging,

shoulder falling apart….

I finally arrive at the place of my salvation!

My hope of comfort to ease my pain….

I enter holding my right arm up to my chest as it hurts too much to leave it dangling to my side….

Then, I meet your cold eyes, hear the icy words

“The doctor won’t see you today.”

WHAT?!? Last time I was here, I waited THIRTY MINUTES PAST my appointment time to see the doctor…

And today because I am TEN minutes late, she won’t SEE ME???

I MISSED WORK today because I HURT so badly that I could NOT do my job and my only hope was seeing the doctor today!

I had to have my husband drive me here today because I can not use my hands and arms to drive!!!

The doctor WON’T SEE ME?!?

Your coworker leans in to help…”You already spoke with Dr. Booth? (Yes). Well, then, there is nothing we can do.”

We close in 10 minutes,” you say in the icy demonic voice, icicles forming on your breath…. “We can have Sean call you…” (Sean is the nurse.)

Well, yeah Sean will HAVE to call me because I DON’T know what to do!

I don’t know what medicine to take….the meds I am taking right now surely aren’t working!!!

I look at you all……

pleading with my eyes……

my limp arm in my hand…..

but you all just look back with your icy stares and cold hearts.

You all just want to go home, I realize……

You don’t give a damn about me…….

I turn with a start and tell my husband we are going and

run out the door….

May all of the patients that your cold hearts have caused to

commit suicide…..

due to their pain and your lack of empathy.

may their blood rest and stay on your hands never to be washed


May it burn into your souls and you feel it with every breath to

your dying day and into eternity.


2 responses to “Rejected – a visit to the doctor

  1. jayceemaycee

    well, that sux. We can call and yell at them *anonymously of course.. heheh.. and leave their phone number on web sites, so (ahem) other anonymous people can call 🙂 And we can lure losers who think theyre scoring hot girls phone numbers online, when in fact they are calling your dr office 🙂 *yes yes i can be vindictive. Your x Dr can get LOTS of calls this week, lots of “wrong numbers..hehe.

  2. Hehe, hey I kinda like that idea. ROFL! 🙂 James was a wonderful support to us that night. He got so mad at those folks. He called them cocksuckers twice. ROFL. But, to me, he was really good and supportive. That night, he made us a hot bubble bath (good for the arthritis) and lit candles all around the bathroom for a candlelit bath and made it all warm and steamy in there for me and while we took our bath, he made a nice dinner. He really treated us right. He is so good to us. I love him so much 🙂 Thanks for the support!! 🙂 Well, I think we’re gonna go watch the season premiere of In Plain Sight with James now. We are DVRing it so we can start it late and fast fwd through commercials! Yay! We love Mary Shannon on that show! It’s on USA! 🙂 TTYL!

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