Work and Multis

So, I’m wondering….. I’ve been struggling this year at work with feeling unliked (even though some insiders know that isn’t true) and feeling like I don’t have friends at work (even though some insiders know we have one or two friends at work). The overwhelming feeling when we come to work is that we are the outsider and we look around and see other folks engaging in conversation, doing nice things for each other, connecting, etc, and yet we feel completely and utterly invisible. This morning is a really good example of this. Our one friend that we have did recognize us and talk to us when we first arrived which we are forever thankful for and almost thanked her for acknowledging us but thought that would be too weird or facetious or whatever the word would be so we didn’t say anything, but we were very thankful cuz since she did say something to us and gave us some eye contact we knew we weren’t invisible at least to her.

I have broken down at work more than once this year due to feeling like I wasn’t accepted or liked or wanted or didn’t have friends here at work. I wondered if this was something that other multiples struggled with at their jobs?? Do we, as multiples, have a difficult time seeing our workplace as just that, a place that we go to work and not as a place to go and socialize to make friends? Maybe we get the two mixed up? I know I do….or at least I think I do. I see other people making connections and seeming to form friendships here at my workplace so I think that it is the normal thing to do, but when I try, I seem to fall flat on my face. It doesn’t help that most multis that I’ve ever known have huge trust issues anyway to start with, huh? ::sighs::  Any comments? I’d like to hear from other multiples who work and what their experiences might be like? I feel like we are regressing because we weren’t always like this…..


4 responses to “Work and Multis

  1. Work is very complicated because we spend so much time there. I work in academia, so my work is probably different from some others. I think your question can be generalized to life in general. I think there are few places we don’t have trouble with.

  2. I know I dont “work” but have that feeling ALOT..pretty much EVERYWHERE I go. Wether it be church activities, or w family Or Friends..I feel automatically alone and isolated. Even if a friend lets me tag along to their house or out w other friends, I feel on high alert and like Im Oil and theyre water. I set with a journal or notebook nowdays and write my thoughts down so I LOOK like Im doing somthing, when im in a group activity or crowd. Or I will bring a book, or crochetting..somthing do focus my attention on or my hands. I dont know if its paranoia for me or what? I just dont feel a part of ANYTHING. Dunno if its a dissociative thing or wut but YOUR not the ONLY one 🙂 k

  3. We work in a school, too. We work as an interpreter for the deaf.

  4. Thanks, mj. It’s been a really bad struggle this past year at work. Been really difficult. Thanks for understanding.

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