Things are slowly improving,  I think. LOL! It’s really difficult to say for sure because we have been incredibly switchy and I  have been amnesiac with many of my others who have been out. Last night, my husband and us were chatting and he mentioned like 3 different conversations we had had in the last week and I have absolutely no recollection of any of them. Sometimes I hate being multiple. I like to have some control, yanno? I don’t like not knowing what I do even though I know we are all safe and noone is acting out because I have my husband to observe us and plus some of my inside little kids seem to know everything and will tell on the others if they are “bad”. lol!  Of course, not to mention we have our inner safety committee who are always on alert which is comforting, also.

Hubby said that he has noticed that more of our computer people have been around, and he has also seen more of my gamers, and he has seen those of us who work on the DID stuff online and offline. So, there has been a lot more system activity lately. 

The upcoming summer vacation could be a big reason for all the activity in the system. We have big system shifts with the seasons. Mostly 2 seasons that I have noticed. We have a group who is active in the summertime, another group active in the fall/winter. Then, we have some, like me, who are always around even tho not always coconscious (dang it!). 

We have done tons better since we took the advice of our support folks on grounding technique ideas. We carry with us one of our “special rocks” that we bought a few years ago at a museum. The rocks are small enough to fit in our pocket and seem to soothe insiders just by reaching in and feeling it and sometimes taking it out and looking at it. We’ve been using beachy/coconuty scented lotion which helps a TON!!!! Really helps with our depression cuz the beach is therapeutic for us. We’ve been doing lots more of the stuff on those lists, too, but that’s the main 2 that I can think of right off hand. 

Anyway, thanks to all who have helped and hopefully I can write more soon!!


3 responses to “Coping

  1. Awesome that your husband is looking out for you. This is really great. And congratulations for keeping all of you safe. This is number one priority, as you know. Paul.

  2. That sounds good so far. I can agree with the season stuff. I also have a jan thing since its a new year, new start, and spring cleaning. For some reason taking down the christmas tree always starts it. Fall is always a season becuz of school starting. The smell of new school supplies starts it. And of course summer. I think the smell of sunblock and yummy lotion starts that one altho summer isnt a big one. So what r ur summer planz? I want to put my son in youth camp this year ( i went every year, never skipped a year) so i feel sad thinking id keep him from it, but id wanna drive down every nite, and thats not possible w brian working….and leaving my lil boy for a week somwhere kinda irks me. But allll the knowledge he would get is good! Im running out of time to decide. what do i dooo? eek. id love to b a counceler for the week, BUT im not “in the loop” with the camp staff. One year i couldnt help because i wasnt spiritual enuf. So that kinda soured my feelings for the camp/workers. hummfh. I want my kids to have the same GOOD experiences i did.. but im a lazy depressed unmotivated mom right now. 😦

  3. I get overwhelmed and totally stressed out when I think about doing anything this summer. I am kind of thinking that this next 2 months I need to focus on getting better physically (getting the Rheumatoid Arthritis under control….we see the new doctor in mid-June) and also working on getting better mentally. This year has been such a difficult one for us emotionally and mentally and we need to work on stuff so we can “get a grip” next school year at work. I have people asking if I am going to a sign language workshop which lasts 4 days and that just really throws me over the top cuz I can’t afford it financially for one thing and another thing I just think I need to work on myself(ves) personally this summer.

    I think church camp for your son would be a wonderful idea! I do have many fond memories of camp and the friends I made there. Plus, you are right, you learn so much while you are there. Since you went every year, you know it is a safe place for him to be. You would be able to drive down some nights just not every night? I think it would be something to think about and try to get motivated about cuz I really think it would be a great thing for him 🙂 And, I’m not all pro-that-church anymore, but I know that the camp really does a lot of good for the young people.

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