What we learned at Timberlawn

We’rrrrre baaaack!!!!!  haha! We are feeling oh so much better, tho still taking things one step at a time. We realize that we must take steps to take care of ourselves even more than the average person (one who is not a survivor of abuse) because of all that we have been through. We were taught that because of all the trauma that we have been through our capacity to deal with stress has diminished greatly (anything subjectively stressful, meaning my stress is going to be different than someone else’s stress so when someone tries to say “just get over it and deal” that just ain’t gonna cut it cuz my stress levels are different due to what I have experienced in my life). Anyway, as I was saying, I have a diminished capacity to handle stress at a biological level because my nervous system was blown open and is now hyper sensitive. Therefore, we are FORCED to de-stress and take VERY good care of ourselves. I was told there is research being done on it and I intend to look it up online. I’ll pass on any links I find 🙂

Doesn’t mean we are weaker by any means, just means that if “those” people had gone through what “we” had, they wouldn’t have made it and WE DID. Therefore, as a result, we are just more fragile and require more self-care to maintain. Make sense? Did to me, a lot. My tendency because of what I experienced and learned growing up is to self-neglect and one of the great many things I learned at Timberlawn was that I need to be taking really good care of myself(ves) to maintain and prevent breakdown/meltdowns. I need to do the exact opposite of what I have been doing all my life. I plan now to make a conscious effort to take time throughout the day to do something to self-care for me and mine.

I learned so much from the therapists, doctors, and fellow patients there at Timberlawn. I made many friends and I will always treasure my time there. I am not planning to ever have another major meltdown, but should there ever be a time when I need another “tune-up”, Timberlawn is MY Hospital and the ONLY Hospital I will go to. It really is the best.

I’m sure I will write more later because there is so much more to tell! Oh, also, I lost the plug to my cell phone and it’s on the last bar of it’s battery. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I am getting my new blackberry in approximately 2 days! Yay! So, for those who I talk to or more likely text, just FYI that we may have to rely on emails for a day or two. Love to everyone!! I learned even more coping skills and I’m not dissociating nearly as much which is a super miracle for us! Our system is reconnecting which is also a wonderful thing! We are feeling much more together 🙂 Timberlawn is real blessing!!! We learned so very much there that there is no way to cover it in just one post or in just one day. We’ll be talking about it for quite a while. So, keep checking in from time to time cuz we have great things to share  🙂

Thanks to all my supportive friends out there!


One response to “What we learned at Timberlawn

  1. Welcome back. I am glad it was a good experience for you.

    Regarding trauma and the body, a very good starting point is Bessel van der Kolk at: http://www.traumacenter.org/ under Publications. It’s very helpful to put your experiences into context and know you are not alone.

    I’m sorry you are getting a Blackberry. You should have asked for my advice and I would have told you to get an iPhone! 🙂

    I’m super glad you did well and that you have a place you feel safe at. I did see your earlier post saying that you were thinking of going in the hospital this summer. But I didn’t see anything that said you did, until now.

    I take it Timberlawn doesn’t have internet access? One of the wonderful technological advances in the hospital I go to, McLean Hospital in Boston, is that they have wireless internet. I’m shocked they did it, probably about 2 or 3 years ago. But glad. Now I can do work work there and not feel so isolated.


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