New T

Hi! Long time no see! I haven’t been here at WordPress for a while now. I’ve been meaning to get back here to write because I am determined for this not to be one of my/our many projects that we have let fall to the wayside.

We start therapy for the first time in probably 2 years. Even that therapy 2 years ago wasn’t helpful…..So, in terms of time since I’ve had helpful ongoing therapy that I could see a difference in my every day life, well it has been quite a while. I have high hopes for this new T. Such high hopes in fact that we are choosing to go to her even though she is not an in-network provider with our insurance plan. It’s going to be tricky figuring out how to pay her, but I would rather go with someone who I KNOW, or am pretty sure, will be able to help me & see them a little bit less than see someone who doesn’t help me and it’s just a routine that I do that doesn’t do anything but frustrate my insiders and see them all the time. The new T sounds extremely good and nice and she has a lot of experience in working with heavy trauma work and people with DID. Which meets my biggest requirement. Plus, she said she will work with me on payment and come up with something that we are both comfortable with. Another BIG PLUS for her. She is the one that the folks at Timberlawn referred me to, but I’ve just taken a really long time to come around and see that she is the one we want to work with regardless of the financial difficulties that might arise.

We are excited and hopeful. She (T) takes the whole body approach in working with any client. We definitely have our share of illnesses and I have always wondered how they might connect to my past and the shit that this body and mind have been through in this lifetime. I’m hoping to figure some of that out and also figure out how to get healthier. She also does nutrition counseling so maybe she can help us figure out what we should or shouldn’t be eating to make us feel better. We filled out a 10 page questionnaire for her and it asks all kinds of medical as well as mental questions (though mostly medical).

On the home front, well someone in our system has been giving our husband a run for his money. She is stubborn, demanding, and strong willed and basically when he describes her, she sounds some like the way my mother treated my dad…..not good and not respectful (in a mutual-respect kind of way). We have encouraged him to speak up to her and not to let her run over him. He is finally getting to that point. He can recognize when she is out and when she goes away (back inside), which I think was essential before he could figure out how to respond to her. Now that he can, I think he is going to address her for her actions and let her know that she is not the only boss in this household. LOL!  It’s so tough for spouses/SO’s of folks with DID. I really feel for them and our inside kids get scared that it will be too much for him to handle. I think he is doing okay and the good thing is that he talks to us about it.

Guess I better post this. We have our first therapy session on Thursday the 5th in the evening, so will try to post about that soon after!


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