hopes dashed

I have been looking forward to my first session with the new T for so long and this week we have felt extra hopeful and have been counting down the days till our appointment which was set for Thursday the 5th of Nov. Well, evidently there was a mix up cuz my new T thought that Tuesday was the 5th and emailed me first thing this morning wondering why I missed my appointment and if I wanted to reschedule….

Now my world is all upside down and my hopes are dashed and I feel so disappointed and dismayed. I sent her an email back saying I didn’t understand how I could have missed the appointment becuz I have been so looking forward to it and counting down the days and all. Then, after I sent it, I checked the calendar, and sure enough, the 5th falls on a Thursday not Tuesday. So, there is the mix up. I emailed her again about that and asked if this meant that I wouldn’t be able to see her tomorrow since she was thinking Tuesday was the 5th rather than Thursday?

We are crushed. Absolutely devastated. Tomorrow was supposed to be the day and we were so looking forward to it. Now……nothing, darkness, no hope in sight. I have no idea what is going to happen now. I can only wait to hear back from the T and see what she says. We are so upset. On top of the 2 emails we sent, we also called and left a message on her business phone. We are going to be climbing the walls today, I can feel it…….  I just want to go home and hide underneath the covers in my bed. So distressing  😦


2 responses to “hopes dashed

  1. I’m sorry this happened. I hope you were able to work it out.

  2. Oh yes! T called and apologized for the mix-up and said she can still see me on Thursday if we wanted. We have seen her twice now and she seems awesome! We have not had a good T like this for 10 years!! I think we will do great work with her. Thanks, Paul, for thinking of us. 🙂

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