Starting Over

Well, we are starting over fresh with a new T. Starting over for a multi can be an arduous task at first. We have to “catch up” our new T on all of our stuff so we can progress. There are introductions of insiders, talk of why we are in T again, covering all the bases once again with someone new. It can feel somewhat redundant, yet I am finding this new T has given us new perspectives to look at the old things.

Starting over isn’t easy, but if you find a T who is a good match for you, it can be very rewarding I am coming to find out.


4 responses to “Starting Over

  1. That has to be scary. I hope things are going well with that. People have suggested we find a new T now that we can’t afford to see our “current” one, and that’s what makes it scary for me. We were really lucky with Elsie and I’m not sure that luck will hold if we try to go some place else.


  2. Yeah we totally understand how scary it is. We came so close to not taking the jump into this new therapy relationship. We are really lucky it turned out well. I would just listen to your higher being/spirits/whatever your guides are for you and maybe something will pan out and you will be led to the right person. If you do find the right person for you, it is such a rewarding experience for the whole system. We’re pulling for ya! 🙂

  3. We’ve for the time being only been focusing on working through things at home with our friends and with hubbie. So far it’s helping us as a whole and the family as a unit because he understands more of what’s going on with things and we can relate to him. So, that seems to be the way that things are going.
    New therapy will only really work out once we sort out the insurance issues, so between that and working with friends through journalling and things like that seems to be the way for us for now. We’re finding we already have a lot of tools at our disposal that we didn’t realize.

  4. Yes, your blog definitely seems to be a wonderful outlet for ya’ll and we love what you are doing with your system mapping by creating Sims to represent each part! We tried to do that a few months ago, but after creating 4 parts/Sims, the game crashed and we hadn’t saved ANY of it. So, took a break for a while, but you all have inspired us to try again 🙂 We know what it is like working on things at home cuz we did that for a year and it worked well for us for a long while cuz we are kind of self-starters, yanno?

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