We are starting to see our T twice a week this week on a trial basis. Our T and us both feel that we are in a place where we can make some major progress. Sooo, it will be tough cuz more work, but if it helps us twice as fast since we’re going twice a week, it will be worth it!

Keep having dreams about key members of the family who were in some way connected to the abuse. It sucks. I hate that. It’s all I dreamt about last night over and over again. Just fighting or struggling with those people. Sucks. But, it does mean that we are getting close to something and that means progress.

We are so glad we found this new T. She is amazing and so helpful!! She has helped us get back in touch with Mary in our system. She is a protector in her own way. She takes care of the insiders and cleans house and cooks. She is kind of motherly in that way – and a good mother, too. Mary used to just clean house and that was all. But she has shown a lot of growth. She now likes to cook fancy meals and she is even making friends on our online Support group for DID’ers. She never really had friends before (outside friends) so I think this is a really great step for her. She is a really important part of the system.

Well, gonna get this posted for now. Thanks for reading!



2 responses to “Therapy

  1. I can see why you say Mary is like our Rose, they do have some similarities, Rose was our babysitter, she’s very maternal protective towards the munchkin. She cooks also, especially she likes experimenting with new dishes and baking things.

    I’m glad things are helping with this new T. That’s very cool. I’m sure it is hard work. I remember when we were going twice a week, but a lot of things came to light that while horrendous in some ways were also helpful in others.

  2. Yeah, going twice a week is harder and plus it sure moves along the discoveries which can make it tougher. Still, I guess in the long run it can mean for faster recovery time, huh? Yeah, she is a really cool person, our T.

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