Great Exercise Music Suggestions Anyone??

Hi All,

Looking for great exercise music. Some get up an go, upbeat, great songs! Any suggestions? 🙂

Cassi & All


4 responses to “Great Exercise Music Suggestions Anyone??

  1. I often use the Glee soundtrack when doing things around the house, and also some times Savage Garden, or J-Pop (a genre not a band).

  2. Oh we do like Glee and Savage Garden, too. Haven’t heard any of the J-Pop genre. What is our fave in that genre?

  3. As far as J-Pop things go I quite like the band Morning Musume
    I also like Utada Hikaru, she sings in both Japanese and English,

  4. The Morning Musume vid was really cute! I enjoyed it. And Utada Hikaru has a beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing.

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