Animals in our DID system?

Okay, I know of other multiple systems that have animals as part of their crew……I just never paid much attention cuz I never figured WE had any animals…….er except very early on in the diagnosis when I sat and listened to the inner world a lot and heard a dog barking. Have always wondered about that, but of course no one inside would enlighten me on the source of the barking.

Last night I was spending some time thinking about our obsession with shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv series) and HBO’s True Blood and books like Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake vampire executioner series. I know that we connect with the dark dramas that these characters experience and that is definitely a draw… in BTVS Willlow struggles with her obsession with Wicca and addiction to magic (ok it’s not me who relates to it but someone does) and Sookie on True Blood with her haunting past of an uncle being um “inappropriate” with her (which, btw, he so gets what is coming to him), and in all of the above shows and books there are lycanthropes/shapeshifters/were-wolves, etc.

But I realize as I remember dreams we used to have quite frequently of running from danger and in the midst of running (we were always out in the country, somewhere with lots of trees and open fields) we would switch into an animal cuz well animals run faster, MUCH faster. It’s kinda kewl cuz in the dream I am running and then I reach down and start grabbing grass and pulling myself along faster that way and then I am running on all fours and am an animal. What kind of animal you may ask? Well, that’s what I’ve been trying to remember and have been asking inside about. Anyway, so that’s another thing that we have a draw to those things about, I guess.
It is progress tho that I realize this is a part of us and obviously was created to help us get away from danger fast. And now the tidbit about danger out in a wooded area…..not liking that much cuz it scares me what that could mean…… But in the meantime, I’ll keep listening and see what I can learn.


4 responses to “Animals in our DID system?

  1. We have that slightly different, Jay identifies as a werewolf, and Yana is often referred to as a cat-girl. Both Yanas consider themselves aliens. Hubbie remarks that Yana has a lot of feral qualities, she’s the younger, she really doesn’t speak, she uses noise and gestures to articulate what she wants and she apparently has a lot of cat-like mannerisims, kneading with her hands, purring, meowing, head butting/nuzzling.
    We do get a lot of the four-legged running dreams but they usually wind up having a past life association.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences with this. We appreciate hearing them as we are still trying to make sense of ours. Sounds fascinating.

  3. I know that it “weirded out” our therapist a bit. She wasn’t sure what “to do” with that aspect of things so we focused more on the memories and childhood while she was researching that aspect of things, but obviously, we weren’t able to work on it.

  4. Yeah. We were a bit concerned about that, too. We talked with T in our last session about it and she said that she has worked with several DID clients who had animals in their system and they all have a purpose. She listed off some of the purposes the animal parts had, but we were just so relieved to know that she knew about it and understood that we can’t remember what she said after that. lol.

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