Coconsciousness….one negative thing about it

So, l8ly I really hate looking in the mirror cuz I just don’t recognize what I see.  Yanno, it’s supposed to be a good thing when a DID system is coconscious cuz of more cohesion and smooth transitions, blah blah. But, I will say this is a negative in MY opinion about coconsciousness….being in the backseat looking through the windshield (the eyes) and seeing a person in the mirror that looks NOTHING like you. I’ve been experiencing this a LOT lately! It’s so annoying and talk about freaky!! Also, been having troubles with knowing if I am in the drivers seat or if I’m in the backseat driving (influencing the person who is out). How to tell?!?!?  We’re at therapy yesterday and I feel like I want to talk, but I have no freaking idea if I am out or if I am just influencing the person who is out and then if I talk wouldn’t that get complicated when the T thinks she is talking directly to ME when I may be in the backseat and not OUT out? Folks inside are saying it’s okay and she would be okay with it no matter which way it was, but I still feel weird. Okay, I feel weird a lot. Bah!


2 responses to “Coconsciousness….one negative thing about it

  1. Hoah, boy, I can relate to that in a BIG way. Hate the mirrors, I look NOTHING like me :p so weird. Always has been. Least we has long hair now.


  2. 🙂 Hi MAX and nice to meet you 🙂 Mirrors suck. lol!

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