INSOMNIA you no my friend

I hate this not being able to sleep. Ever since we switched from the winter/spring crew into the spring/summer crew our sleep has been all messed up. I’m used to it as I’m out year round and so I know it’s nothing new for our nights and days to flip……I guess it’s that this is the first summer in a long time that we’ve PAID ATTENTION to it and tried to figure out the why’s and what-fors (is that even a word?).

What I’m learning so far is that Summer Crew does NOT like to sleep at night cuz that’s when a lot of bad shit happened over the summers while the body was growing up. There is also an elevated energy level amongst the summer parts. Lots of energy. But it’s making us ill this year with the erratic sleep patterns for some reason when it hasn’t necessarily before. Maybe it’s just the simple fact that the body is getting older. I dunno.

There is also this vague fear that is around at night. I’m not aware of everything that went down in childhood, in fact not aware of most of it, so not real sure exactly what the fears are……I’m supposed to try to talk with the summer group this weekend about it and see if I can learn anything. They are so closed mouth about what they are experiencing, tho, that I’m not sure if I will learn anything. ::sighs::

Signing off…..a part of the cetcetera system (may share my name l8r……..okay okay so I’m a bit closed mouth about more personal matters, too. Bah!)


5 responses to “INSOMNIA you no my friend

  1. I’ve never heard of switching seasonally, while some of us kinda slip sideways for a while it doesn’t tend to be a seasonal thing.
    That’s interesting for me, and I also sympathize with the insomnia. That affects us a lot, particularly when Max is out because he doesn’t seem to sleep much/at all.


  2. Yeah from what I can tell the summer crew went through abuses of a different type or other than the winter crew did. And as the we start to smell the new season coming in the air we can start to feel the shifting from inside happening.

  3. That’s an interesting way of things working but it has to be unsettling.

  4. Yeah, we have managed to sleep at night now for about a week or so finally. Had to really talk with the insiders about how it is safe now and the body is an adult now and hubby is near and so on and that helped some parts to feel safer, tho they are still pretty jumpy. But, the ones who just “LIVE” for the nighttime we have had to pretty much set the rule that the body must rest. It also helped cuz our T mentioned when we were talking about wanting to lose weight and all that, that sleeping between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am is important for the metabolism and balancing the hormones (we have a hormone imbalance – PCOS – as well). So, that gets our dieter parts on board to sleep at night and I’ve noticed it helps a lot. heh. Whatever works.

  5. That’s good. I’m glad you’re being able to rest.

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