Learning about nutrition ideas & Stacy


So, had T today and well yanno we’ve been working on eating healthier for the past 6 months (maybe?), but seriously now for just a month or two. We’ve lost 13 pounds so far and it blows our mind that we have to eat more to lose weight! We have always starved or binged/purged to lose weight before. It’s the way that the mom and grandmother taught us to “diet”. Our T has taught us that we need to eat every 3 to 4 hours (some protein and carb balance) to keep our metabolism in check. If we starve ourselves, then it causes the body to store fat and we definitely don’t want that. We also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which causes weight gain and is a hormone imbalance issue. So, balancing foods to keep the blood sugar balanced is important to keep everything in check and help us lose weight. I hope that made sense.

All that said, today Stacy, one of our main starvers, came out and asked T if it was okay to eat tiny portions every 3 to 4 hours just as long as she’s eating but tiny enough so that the stomach still growls. lol. Classic Stacy question. I just today learned Stacy’s name although I have known her for many many years. For some reason it’s okay to know her name now. Anyway, the answer was no not really okay cuz the body needs to be satisfied and a “gentle growl” (I think is the term she used) is okay for the stomach, but that’s all cuz you don’t want the body to go think it’s being starved again.

We also talked about things that we can eat for some of our snacks. We were already eating things like peanut butter and sometimes strawberry preserves on a toasted wheat english muffin with or without a small glass of milk, 1 hard-boiled egg with 1 serving fruit, and a handful of nuts with 1 serving fruit. It gets really difficult to think of things to have and we get REALLY tired of cooking and preparing things to eat. Honestly, we got so tired of it, sometimes we would just have a handful of almonds or a glass of milk. Not balanced and we’d be hungry again in just a short time  😦

We got ideas for more snacks like those small round cheeses “laughing cow” with some carbs (like a few crackers, pretzels, raisins, dried fruit or other fruit), and there are these bars that you can eat like Luna bars, Larabars (gluten free!), and Clif bars.


4 responses to “Learning about nutrition ideas & Stacy

  1. We’ve been trying to work like that. It’s fallen off again on and off. We have to sort something out between Jay and Max. Jay will never eat. Kore (room mate) has been able to get him to eat the last few times he’s been out but it takes him forever and he eats very little. Others, especially Max, will eat whatever, whenever, whereever especially if it’s something bad (that should be eaten in moderation) like cookies, chocolate or something like that.
    We have a physical with our GP next week and I imagine he will be disappointed with our weight situation, but no more than I am.
    He has said before about eating the smaller portions and redefining the notion of a meal, a bagel at breakfast can be a meal, two slices of bacon and an egg can be a meal, yoghurt with granola can be a meal.

  2. Yeah, we definitely know about the on again off again stuff. Seems like we go through that on a fairly consistent basis. We’re hoping this time is different. Totally know about the way Max eats as we have several insiders like that. That is a difficult thing cuz of the risk of binging for us. Jay sounds like he may be a bit like Stacy? As for roommates, or hubbies in our case cuz we have no others in our house, we just make food and hope that he likes it….we try to make things that he will enjoy even if we may not be able to really eat it (we may eat a very small portion just so we don’t feel punished or something. Tho, hubby doesn’t really have a problem with eating cuz he likes to eat.

    Good luck with the GP next week.

    Talk soon. We’re taking a break from the computer for the evening but will reply to the other comments soon! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. It means lots to us 🙂

  3. We’ve lost some since the other week, actually, we’re down about 5lbs overall now, but apparently we have underactive thyroid which has been a factor. This came up in the blood work that we got done this past week at the request of the psychiatrist. So, the GP has given us a low dose of thyroid medication that should hopefully help with that situation within a few days. So, fingers crossed on that score.

  4. Yeah, we got the underactive thyroid crap, too. So sorry to hear you guys have to deal with it, as well. Congrats on the 5 lb weight loss so far! Hey, we got to try out our friends Wii Fit when we were out of town and it was AWESOME just as we anticipated. Cannot wait to get our’s!

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