Bazaar Dream

For most of my life I have been known by my friends and family as having very strange dreams. Well this last week was no different. We had a dream a last week and it was so very strange. In the dream, the reality was that people would die and then continue “living” in their dead bodies. (being a vampire fanatic, I can assure you there was no feeling of vampirism in this dream so that’s not what led to it.)
If you were a Christian when you died, then you had to buy this special soap called “EverSave” or something like that and every night before you went to bed, you had to wash every inch of your skin with it because like God or His Spirit would sweep over everyone and look for those who were still washed in the eversave which would mean they are still saved by grace (or Jesus) and they would still be accepted into heaven (whenever that would be).
Okay, so in the dream, I died and then I was on this “ship” or something with 2 friends. We were talking about how the world was “nowadays” and then I went to shower. I remember looking down at my legs in the shower and they were a super pale white (dead white) and I was making sure I had the right soap to wash with (it was my first night after dying). All of a sudden, my friends were banging on the bathroom door and yelling my name (as if I was in trouble) and I responded like “What!!” and they kept on….I finally stepped out of the shower and took a step closer and yelled again “WHAT!!” except it was harder to talk becuz the inside of my mouth was getting gummy….like I had put the soap in my mouth or something so I started pulling the soap out of my mouth in layers and trying to yell “WHAT!” louder and then they got the door open and I was like surprised and covered myself in a dramatic fashion like I wasn’t really embarrassed, but com’on now. I said, “I said WHAT!?!” And they said kinda panicked, “You’re BLONDE!!!” and I said, “SO?!?” and that is how my dream abruptly ended. When I woke up I thought about it and thought well that would be surprising since we haven’t been blonde in several years now. Still, this dream has haunted me since I had it….the dead white hairless legs, the soap, the gummy mouth (when I think of it makes me feel like throwing up). In the dream, if you were dead you still looked normal to other people. In like a “prequel dream” to my dream, I dreamt that I was in a car with my parents as a child (this was TOTALLY movie-like and unreal feeling) and I wasn’t really me in this part just a character in a movie……and the dad had died and was panicked cuz he didn’t want his children to see him like that. His wife told him reassuring him that it was okay and that his daughter (me in this movie) already saw him and didn’t see anything different…..Bazaar.

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