What about the children in the USA?

Been watching tv today while playing games online and this commercial for the poor children overseas and how much of a struggle their lives are (and I’m not minimizing that at all) and how people should contribute to their cause….

After hearing the commercial several times, it started bothering me. What about our children here in the US? What about the ones who are abused, beaten, raped, neglected, tortured HERE in our own country???? Why aren’t there more messages out there about that? Why is it that the television messages about the children overseas are more compassionate with the sad music and soft spoken announcer than the child abuse ads for America? I’m not saying we shouldn’t help the children in other countries. I’m just saying that so much more needs to be done right here at home rather than taking care of other children only and let our own suffer, starve, and die. Pay attention America!! There are so many children who are in pain, serious pain, and everyone just turns their heads and ignores it!


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