Extreme Anxiety Day

It’s one of those dreaded days when our anxiety is so high that we shake. Took a small amount of extra on my anxiety meds to try to get the shakes to stop. They are calming somewhat as I am now able to attempt to leave the house to mail a couple things and pick up a free Redbox movie. We’re thinking Avatar or Wolfman  🙂  Hubby picked tonight as we seem to pick most of the time.

I think our anxiety may have come from worries about money and that our car payment and the delayed processing of a cable payment we made over a week ago that still hasn’t gone through won’t have enough money in the account to cover them.  Then, woke up to discover that we forgot to put away dinner last night. All this food setting out on the cabinet and now I am worried that it is all a waste and not safe to eat. I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to food issues, but hubby seems to think it will still be okay to eat. We really can’t afford to have all that food go to waste. Still, nervous to eat it as we always worry about food going bad……we are rather obsessive about it.

I’m guessing that’s what fed into our anxiety skyrocketing today, tho, it may be more than just those factors. Who knows except the insiders. We should do some journaling later to see what we can find out. But, priority is to get calmed down and not shake anymore. Maybe a good movie is just the thing to get us in better spirits.


2 responses to “Extreme Anxiety Day

  1. Sorry to hear you all had such an anxious day yesterday. It was good to talk to yous, though! Thanks for all the help… you guys really helped my anxiety levels!! I hope the movie helped and the little bit of extra anxiety meds. I like your new journal… looks really cool!

  2. Hey, thanks! Yeah, by the time we had talked, I was feeling more calm. 🙂 We are so glad to have helped with the game induced anxiety. LOL! The movie was AWESOME! I recommend it to everyone! I LOVED Avatar. It kept us drawn in the entire time and it has been a long time since we’ve seen a movie that kept us that enthralled!

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