We are so happy today. Last week, I talked with T about how discouraged I was because 15 years ago (and all before that) I was often times able to foresee what was about to happen. I told her about how I believed in psychics and I defend the ability to my husband that doesn’t believe in it. I tell him that some people are fakers and gives the psychic name a bad rep. I know it’s real because I have experienced it on many levels. I was discouraged because as I got to know my system, my inside kids’ emotions are so strong that they distort my “signal” so to speak and make it difficult to tell if what I am “receiving” is true or a response to the kiddos’ strong emotions.

T was supportive and told me that she was sure that my gift was not gone and it was still there. It’s just that I have had other things to pay attention to within rather than outside of us. It made sense.

Then, a few nights ago, the thought popped in my head that one of hubby’s coworkers (we got the name and all) was stealing from their employers. I thought about it and thought well it makes sense because she has been there for a very long time and she knows when they have new folks hired that it is a good time to take stuff cuz the suspicion will be more on the new person hired rather than an oldie like her.

I didn’t think much more about it until yesterday when hubby came home from work. He said that someone from loss prevention department was at work interviewing all the employees and that this particular coworker was in her interview a fxcking long time. I told him that I had wondered if she had been stealing from the store and he said who knows, maybe.

Then, today he comes home from work to say that she was fired yesterday after admitting to stealing over $7000 from the store. I feel this is a validation from my minds eye (or whatever you call it) that our gift is not gone. To get that clear of a message in our mind out of the blue and then have it confirmed just 2 days later. We are hopeful that we will get our focus back. Life isn’t as difficult when we have that extra sense to help us get through.

I tried to look up information on PTSD and psychic stuff cuz I have heard that it has been documented, but failed to find anything. The only thing I found was a blog entry someone with PTSD wrote and that person mentioned that it has been documented. Here is that link:

In case you weren’t aware, if one has DID then it is likely that you also have Complex PTSD as we do. If anyone has any information on the subject, we are very interested and would love to hear. Thanks.


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