Meditations and Relaxation

Something we trauma survivors have difficulty with is relaxing and de-stressing. Our whole life has been about hypervigilence and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We also desensitize from our bodies and have a difficult time staying in our body and feeling sensations. This is due to the body being the source of pain during the abuse and we learned in order to survive to turn off those sensations.

Another thing we have trouble with is realizing our worth. We feel that since our caretakers did not treat us with respect and worthiness that we are not worthy of anything good, we are bad, and therefore bad things are supposed to happen to us.

We found this webpage today and it is a very good resource for helping deal with the above issues. There are videos to watch as well as audio for download. These videos are for relaxation, affirmation, or mindfulness. It is on a DBT self-help website, but even if we don’t do DBT, these video exercises can be helpful to all survivors. Check them out:

The website also has meditation and relaxation audio files for download. These would be very good to use like on an ipod or such. We think we will want these especially when we return to work in the Fall.


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