“Identifying Your Multiple Intelligences”

We took a test at school last week that was kinda fun. It was “Identifying Your Multiple Intelligences” test. It was interesting and the results made sense for us as a whole for the most part.

We mainly wanted to write this post because of the statements we labeled as FALSE and how we realize it is due to the effect the abuse had on us. Here are some of the ones we labeled FALSE:

  • I pick up new dance steps quickly. – My body and I do not coordinate well due to the many years to disconnecting from the body to escape the pain of abuse. We have a difficult time figuring out where our body stops and the outside starts often resulting in tripping, falling, knocking over things, etc. We are known to others as “accident prone”.
  • It’s easy for me to say what I think in an argument or debate. – Now, this was a hard one cuz it really depends on who is out in our system and how co-coconscious they are with others inside. Cuz the range of opinions varies greatly with us and then we also have many who just don’t have the confidence to speak up about what they think/feel.
  • I always know north from south no matter where I am. – Now I dunno if this would be related in any way to our past trauma and depersonalization stuff, but we do NOT know our directions at all. We do well with take a right or left. If someone starts talking cardinal directions, we are lost.
  • I like to gather together groups of people for parties or special events. – Now, this used to be true, but not for several years. The more we have gotten to know each other inside and the more we have learned about our past, the less we are able to trust people enough to have them in our life and not hurt us. Hopefully we will get back to the more social aspects in time.
  • My sense of balance and coordination is good. – NOT!
  • I’m good at athletics. – Again with the body coordination issue.
  • I have a good sense of what others think of me. – This is a VERY difficult one for us as we tend to think others don’t like us or have a hidden agenda. I realize though that this is because we have such low self-esteem and will improve as we feel better about ourselves.

And for fun, here are some of the statements that we labeled TRUE:

  • If I am angry or happy, I usually know why.  – We put this was true because even though “I” may not know, I can usually ask inside and eventually find out the answer. I find that lots of people don’t look into the reasons behind their feelings very much.
  • I help friends deal with feelings because I deal with my own feelings well. – This may sound funny to put as true cuz we do struggle with feelings a lot, but compared to people I have known, we have a lot more tools on how to work with our feelings than they do.
  • I like to sit quietly and reflect on my feelings. – It does help for me to do that, although it’s more reflecting on my inside family and asking what they need.
  • I enjoy writing detailed letters to friends. – Yep.
  • I’m usually aware of the expression on my face. – now I labeled that true, but I’m not sure if I agree with it now. But, I guess the key word is “usually”.
  • I’m sensitive to the expressions on other people’s faces. – MOST DEFINITELY, but this is common for abuse survivors such as myselves.
  • I stay in touch with my moods. I have no trouble identifying them. – with help in therapy and reminding myself to check in, I do.
  • I am sensitive to the moods of others. – Another common one for DID’ers and survivors in general, I am sure, and a definite YES for me.
  • I can play (or used to play) a musical instrument. – Piano & Guitar
  • I compose songs or raps and perform them. – We do have song writers in our system, both writing lyrics and music, and we used to sing them for others all the time.
  • I like to work with calculators and computers. – Well, computers, anyway.
  • I listen to music for much of the day, on the radio, CDs, or other media. – LOVE MUSIC! If it’s not playing on the outside, someone is playing it in my head!
  • I like to work puzzles and play games.
  • I can identify when there is a key change in a song. – Yeah.
  • Just looking at the shapes of buildings and structures is pleasurable to me. – We love looking at buildings downtown cuz they are so cool.
  • I like to hum, whistle, and sing in the shower or when I’m alone. – Yeppers.

Anyway, we scored highest in the Musical and Intrapersonal categories. Visual came next in line. Didn’t do too well on the interpersonal one, but again that is due to our distorted views on how others may perceive us. We used to be very social and we are trying to do better in that area. It’s just difficult when trust is an issue.

We did a search online and did find a similar test for Identifying your Multiple Intelligence at: http://aaweb.gallaudet.edu/Documents/Academic/CAPSS/MIChecklist.pdf So, if you are interested, you can try it, too!  🙂

We just did the one at the link above and our results were Musical Learner 10 (10 is the highest), Intrapersonal Learner 8, Spatial Learner 8, Linguistic Learner 6, Logical and Kinesthetic Learner were both 4, Interpersonal Learner 3, and Naturalistic Learner as 2.  According to this site, our top three were 1) The Music Lover, 2) the Individual, and 3) the Visualizer. Pretty kewl!


2 responses to ““Identifying Your Multiple Intelligences”

  1. Cassi
    Hi. I hope your doing ok. I loved this post. Where can you find this test?Is it an online test or a paper one?
    I’d love to do it and seee how we score.

    I’d also like to invite you to some groups for did.
    one is my group for littles called did world kids. to sub send blank email to

    the other group I own is did world our style. To sub in send an email to

    then our friend sara who is also multiple runs a small group call we r many minds.
    if you’d like to join it send an email to

    carol anne et all

  2. Thanks, Carol Anne & All! 🙂 We are glad you enjoyed this post! It was actually a test on paper that the teacher gave to her students and I took it as well for fun. I did a search online for something similar and found a free one at: http://aaweb.gallaudet.edu/Documents/Academic/CAPSS/MIChecklist.pdf

    It has some different questions on it, but is very similar and the same idea. I’m gonna add the link onto this post, too.

    Thanks for the invitations to those groups, too 🙂 We are just starting back to work after the summer so we are kind of a mess right now just in trying to reorganize and our system is in transition of shifting back into the parts who come out for Fall and the summer crew is slowing going back inside until next summer. So, lots going on and not a lot of time to do groups right now. But, once things settle, we are glad to have those links here so we can refer to them when we are more able to participate. Let us know what you think about the online thing. It’s a pdf document so you have to score it yourselves. The one I found online where you can choose a number between 1 and 4 for each question cost money cuz you have to order your results. We don’t have the money to spend on something like that. It’s just something for fun to get to know ourselves better, yanno? 🙂

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