Update on Life & Switches

We just started back to work a couple weeks ago and this time of year is difficult in that we are transitioning between the group that is out in the summer and back into the group that is out through the fall and winter (spring we begin a slower transition back into the summer group again).

Our job has truly sucked since we came back and it’s been a real struggle to stick it out. We work for a school district as an Interpreter for the Deaf and there is a team of 4 of us this year. Our team gets along for the most part, but the principals do not understand what we do and couldn’t if their life depended on it. I swear it is so upsetting and frustrating. They did not return our computers this year and told us it’s because they “break too easily” which I believe is a load of crap plus they thought we only used them to check our work email and clock in (NOT). Part of us understands that it is our boss that is supposed to supply us with computers and the ones we had were given to us by the school we work in. So, that is most likely the reason although why they didn’t just say that, we don’t know. We feel we’ve been lied to and mistreated and disrespected. We heard they were even wanting to take away our office space. I’m sure they don’t realize the preparation that Intepreters have to do in order to be ready to interpret the daily lessons which is the reason for us having an office and computers. ::sighs:: (we have to look up signs for specialized vocabulary that aren’t in a regular sign language book…..there are websites that I get those signs from).

We realized on Friday that our system has been switching between 3 groups of insiders at work. Group A (let’s call them) wants to fight and get the respect and understanding we deserve. They have written a letter that they are still working on revising to give to the administration and cc’s our boss explaining our role and the reasons behind the accommodations we require. They honestly have no clue. Group B is partly made up of one of our professional parts who was created to get along with our coworkers, teachers, and parents in a professional manner. She feels that this is just one of those bumps in the road that will smooth out given time and is handling talking to the people at work that Group A would probably tell to go to hell. Group C is partly made up of our 14 year old who we are referring to as the “runaway beach girl”. She decided last Friday that we could just quit and move to the beach and get an interpreting job there which gave some inside hope that we do have a way to escape if we absolutely had to. We have always dreamt of moving to the beach and someday we will, but she was ready to do it all on Friday.

Another reason I can tell we’ve been switching lots at work is cuz someone always comments on my hair color thinking I have dyed it recently. It happened on Friday and when I told the person that I hadn’t dyed it since the summer break, they looked confused. I quickly added that my hair tends to tint different colors depending on “what I am wearing”. Really it is depending on who is out, but yanno I can’t really tell them that.

We had a T appointment on Friday and she pointed out that the 3 groups represent “fight”, “flight” and distancing. She said they were all normal reactions to something like this only more pronounced with the DID as they are separate groups. We are I am sure confusing to our coworkers and are trying to figure out a way to show more cohesiveness. Our T is encouraging the 3 groups to communicate. Group B is aware of Group A. Group C is aware of Group B. I think I explained that right. Anyway, we have had a little bit of communication, but maybe I’ll need to bring a journal or something to work for them to write in at lunchtime or something. Maybe that will help?

So, it’s pretty chaotic here . *I* am just hoping that things will smooth out soon and we will be given at least ONE computer for the four of us to use (although that will make parts of us feel disrespected as all the other interpreters on the other campuses as well as the other faculty at our school site all have their own computer to work on). Still, one is better than none which is what we have currently and I feel so unproductive without having my technology to work with in my job.

We’ve been trying to remember to eat, but money is extremely tight once again. I think this may be the last hurdle we will have to get past financially for a while before we can get some stability. We owed the bank $500 which was a direct deposit advance thing that we had been doing for 12 months straight, just kept borrowing it back after it was paid back (automatically upon direct deposits). Well, starting now since we have borrowed for a full 12 months we have to go one month without borrowing ANY and while in the past we have worked our way down to only borrowing 100 or 200 dollars, we didn’t manage to this time. So, start of the month with both rent and car payment due as well as utilities and we are $500 down. I think we will scrape by but it will be oh so close. That’s why we’re having troubles eating cuz we are afraid that when we run out of food we won’t be able to buy more. It’s cuz it’s a trigger. We do the same thing with hoarding our meds when we worry about money. Ah well. Anyway, moral of this story is “Direct Deposit Advance”: DON’T start it unless you absolutely need to cuz it’s a vicious cycle.

Hubby is still looking for another job while he is still employed at his awful job. I can’t even tell you what he has to do at his job cuz it is so gross cleaning up after those truckers (it’s a truck stop). He hates it and is still looking for a replacement job. At least he is only working 4 to midnight rather than overnight currently cuz we wouldn’t be able to sleep here alone. The only way we can do it is fall asleep on the couch cuz it feels safer.

Hoping things will calm down soon……


2 responses to “Update on Life & Switches

  1. Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. Hi and thanks for reading!

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