Nightmares and More Symbolism

I apologize for not writing lately. We had a couple of really good days in the last week. The rest of it was either struggling with emotions just under the surface, nightmares, or oh yeah dropping something really heavy onto my foot. Went to the ER and it’s not broken, just badly bruised and swollen.

Before writing about the recent nightmares, I should update about the Group. My sister was able to come through town to see me but could only stay for a few hours. And yes it just so happened to occur at the exact time that my Group was. So, I had to miss it which was probably a relief to some of our parts, but many of us were quite disappointed cuz we wanted to work through the transference issues and all so we could move forward. Still, the visit with our sister was very much needed as we had been feeling very depressed. I only see her maybe once a year and the rest of the family I see even less. So, it was a very, very nice visit.

The past few nights have been especially bad with the nightmares. One that just recently came to mind was of being in a haunted house of sorts. I was in my Aunt M’s house and in it, all of her furniture (the beds mostly) were “haunted”. It’s interesting as I type this out and see the symbolism. I would try to sleep but was so afraid of the “ghosts” that were going to come and get me. I would try sleeping in a different bed, but the same unseen source of terror was there. I woke several times during the night terrified, unable to recognize where I was or how old I was. In the dream, Aunt M’s house was large and had a lot of old furniture in it. Everything seemed to loom over my small frame.

I have had dreams many times in the past of haunted houses. One that has been a recurring dream over the years is about this house that was several stories high. The top floor was always riddled with spirits of the unkind variety. I would try to go up there (in these dreams I am an adult……most of the time) because my best friend and I had just moved in and I wanted to make use of all the space. Often times I wouldn’t even make it all the way up the stairs before terror would grip me and I would run back down again often times screaming. Sometimes, I would make it to that top floor. I remember once that it was mostly bedrooms on that floor. I remember vaguely something about a fancy red blanket on one of the beds. It’s one of the shades of red that are triggering to me. The whole room actually now that I think about it had shades of red in it. Another time I had this dream and I made it all the way to the top floor, it was mostly dark and I couldn’t see anything, but I could FEEL all the sheer blinding terror. I ran back down the stairs swearing that I would not ever use the top floor of the house.

It still amazes me as I finally bring myself to write about something that to me seemed to be quite scary but “surely didn’t mean anything” only to realize that it was full of symbolism. The symbolism of the childhood and what those beds really were “haunted” with were the bad things that the bad people did to me/us there.


2 responses to “Nightmares and More Symbolism

  1. Epiphanies like that can be so helpful! But dang, those dreams sound scary, scary. Nightmares, indeed. We have house dreams fairly often too. Usually an old, decrepit house but not always. And I’m virtually always looking for something or trying to find a place to hide from who I’ve figured out is my father. Even before I remembered what he did to me for so long, he was in the background of most of the house dreams at least vaguely–even if i didn’t actually see him and just knew he was in the dream or behind it.

    Hope all these nightmares stop soon! Think I mentioned this elsewhere, but there’s a med you can take for these sorts of nightmares. It’s called Minipress (prazosin) and is primarily used for high blood pressure. Medical personnel who work with veterans figured out that those who took it to lower blood pressure also had a good reduction of PTSD-induced nightmares. It worked wonders for me when I was taking it. I was able to stop taking it and have been able to stay off it since then, thankfully.

  2. Thanks, ya’ll. That’s the dilemna with these kinds of nightmares – as much as I hate them, they reveal so much to me through my unconscious. So, it’s great therapy work, just really awful getting through it. :/ I am glad to know about the medication, though, as I will keep that in the back of my mind for if and when I just don’t think I can handle anymore for now. It’s amazing that meds like that exist out there. Thanks again and thank you so much for your comment. It means tons to us.

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