DID and Trauma Book List

Feel free to comment and add some books that you have found helpful!

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma: The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences [Paperback]Peter A. Levine (Author), Ann Frederick (Contributor)   Excellent book about dealing with trauma!! Not a DID specific book, but definitely one I’d recommend!

Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out [Paperback] W. Giller (Author), Barry M. Cohen (Editor), Esther Giller (Editor), Lynn W. (Editor)  Really good book with lots of writing from other people with DID. It really helped me cuz I could find others I identified with.

Got Parts? An Insider’s Guide to Managing Life Successfully with Dissociative Identity Disorder (New Horizons in Therapy) (Paperback)  by A. T. W.  ISBN: 1932690034 Publisher: Loving Healing Press (December 15, 2004)

Amongst Ourselves: A Self-Help Guide to Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder (Paperback) by Tracy, Ph.D. Alderman, Karen Marshall  ISBN: 1572241225  Publisher: New Harbinger Publications; 1st edition (November 1998) Paperback: 240 pages  This book used to be available to download and/or read online, but I can’t find it anymore  😦  It’s really good for a newbie in the world of DID to give you day to day advice. It’s good. We liked it a lot.

The Dissociative Identity Disorder Sourcebook (Paperback)  by Deborah Bray Haddock   ISBN: 0737303948  Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (July 31, 2001)

The Fractured Mirror – Healing Multiple Personality Disorder by C.W. Duncan, Ph.D (has stories that you can read to your inner kids, ideas for working with your system, and more.  ISBN 1-55874-275-1  Health Communications, Inc.

Uncovering the Mystery of MPD – Its Shocking Origins Its Surprising Cure by James G. Friesen, Ph.D (a Christian author and has a lot of good info in it. Our Christian parts inside appreciated this book cuz it helped them understand things from a spiritual standpoint and also helped the MPD –now DID-  diagnosis not feel so scary to them.) ISBN 0-8407-4385-8  Thomas Nelson Publishers

United We Stand – A Book for People With Multiple Personalities by Eliana Gil, Ph.D It’s a very small book and very simple that even the inside kids can grasp it. A really good book to begin understanding DID and why it developed)  ISBN 0-9613205-9-1   Launch Press, Walnut Creek, CA

More Than Survivors Conversations with Multiple-Personality Clients by James G. Friesen, Ph.D (Our Christian parts inside say this is an AWESOME book and made them feel very special. James Friesen emphasizes how special multiples are. It was a book that made us feel good about ourselves. We liked it, although I remember there were a couple chapters that were pretty triggering cuz of the person he was interviewing (same person in both chapters) So, we skipped them for now. ISBN 1-57910-063-5  WIPF & Stock Publishers

Safe Passage to Healing – A Guide for Survivors of Ritual Abuse by Chrystine Oksana (VERY GOOD book and we would recommend it to anyone. We think of it as the Courage to Heal book for RA survivors cuz it is very thorough and has lots of helps, system cooperation ideas, quotes from other survivors, etc. It also is a large book with 388 pgs. We like the safe pages in the back of the book.   ISBN 0-06-096996-2 HarperPerennial


Here are a few accounts of multiple’s lives:

Until Darkness Holds No Fear by Elizabeth Julie Mikal (Really really liked this book. It was a good one and we could relate to a lot in it. She tells a lot in the book about her system and how they work together and different groups of them and stuff. Liked how it was written.)   Currently Out of Print – look for it used! ISBN 1-883862-08-6  Books Beyond Border, Inc.   Boulder, CO 80301


The Magic Daughter – A Memoir of Living With Multiple Personality Disorder by Jane Phillips (we had this book, but can’t find it at the moment….wonder if we loaned it out? hmmm…) Anyway, it’s a real good book that we liked. We’d put this book in the same category as Until Darkness Holds No Fear book cuz she talks about how her system has learned to work together. We learned a lot from this book. She is also a college professor, if I remember right.) ISBN 0670859702 Viking Press


The Flock/the Autobiography of a Multiple Personality by Joan Frances Casey, Lynn Wilson  Really liked it a lot, but seem to recall that it has a sad ending? Not sure, tho, cuz we can’t remember.   ISBN 0449907325 Fawcett Books


When Rabbit Howls: The Troops for Truddi Chase (Don’t remember if we ever were able to read the whole thing or not. It was quite triggering from what I remember about it.) I don’t know if we would really recommend this book because it was more triggering than helpful for our system.                                              ISBN 0-515-10329-2  The Berkley Publishing Group

First Person Plural – My Life As a Multiple by Cameron West, Ph.D (This was a pretty good book. We are divided inside on our opinion of this book. But overall it was a good one about his journey to realizing he was multiple. Not a lot of helpful info or anything that I can remember like the first 2 books have that we mentioned, tho.)    ISBN 0-7868-8978-0


Here are some survivor books in general, but not MPD specific

Recovery of Your Inner Child The highly acclaimed method for liberating your inner self by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D (we worked in this book around the time we discovered we were multiple. It was a cool way for us to meet our inside kids & has some good activities for opening communication with them. GOOD BOOK if you are wanting to do some work with your inside kids but seem blocked. But, know that this book was not intended for multiples, however we were able to use it and adapt it to our own needs, you know?)  ISBN 0-671-70135-5  Simon & Schuster, New York


The Courage to Heal – A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis (Some days we like it okay other days we avoid it like the plague! But, it is full of exercises and things you can do to help you recover from abuse. It’s a helpful book, but really tough cuz of the issues it deals with, obviously.)   ISBN 0-06-095066-8   HarperPerennial


The Courage to Heal Workbook – For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Laura Davis (this was okay cuz we have some inside who do better with workbooks, yanno?)  ISBN 0-06-096437-5   Perennial Library  Harper & Row, Publishers


Shelter from the Storm Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Cynthia Kubetin & James Mallory, M.D. (this is also a Christian workbook and very helpful if you are okay with Christian stuff. But it is tough, too, cuz it makes you work! It’s also not one that you would want to work in unless you have a T or a support/therapy group to help you process the work. It’s a tough one! For a Christian workbook, we were impressed with it cuz it was pretty thorough in addressing abuse all the way up to mentioning RA, too.)   ISBN 0-8054-9979-2 LifeWay Press


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