Music has always been a very powerful tool for me to get my emotions out and to receive healing for my pains. I have found a great many songs over the years that have not only alluded to abuse and surviving abuse, but also to multiplicity. I thought this would be a wonderful place to share the songs that have touched mine and those in my system’s hearts. Some of these songs do have a spiritual meaning to them and do refer to God as the vast majority of our system are believers in God. So, as you read the lyrics, do so at your own risk, cautiously with this in mind as I would not wish anyone to be triggered….only encouraged. The topics in the songs will likely be full of triggers, so please take care of yourselves as you read. Also, if you like any of these groups, I encourage you to check them out on youtube if they are there or on My all time favorite is Julie Miller and I would definitely encourage folks to get her music. She is just awesome. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know and I’ll add them!  🙂

Please refer to the pages links in the margin for the different songs we have included.   🙂  We’ve also included links below:

Encouraging Songs

Julie Miller

Linkin Park




Other Great Songs


6 responses to “Music

  1. I would suggest you take a listen to some of Tori Amos’ songs.

  2. Great! Thanks for the suggestion! We will check those out! 🙂

  3. Also you may want to check this post out… It’s on one of the blogs I follow:

  4. Awesome! I’ll bookmark that when I get home! I checked it out and it looks great! The song on there, Bitch by Meredith Brooks, is one that I planned to include in my song lists. It’s a good one that lots of our insiders like 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Concrete angel and she’s a butterfly by martina mcbride. Also what hurts the most by rascal flatts. Also if today was your last day b nickelback.
    carol anne

  6. Thanks! We’ll look those up this weekend! 🙂

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