Many in one


Lots of Persons

Telling Noone

Inside World

Pleasing People

Lots of Littles

Easily Confused

Private Pain

Electric Energy

Recurring Nightmares


Out of Danger

No Escaping


Layers of Lives



Inner Selves


Switching Often

©2002 by Cetcetera


Missed appointments


Losing Time

Trusting Never



Layers of Memories

Echo in the Mind

Prismic Personalities




Of Self

Never heard


Lashing Out

Inside the Head

Truthfully, I wonder if




©2002 by Cetcetera


Why do my thoughts wander to and fro

Why do my selves often come and go

Forgetting my thoughts, but

remembering pain

It’s such a shame

To be living this life

Multiple selves, multiple strife

Multiple paths of a multiple’s life

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Gazing through the looking glass I see
What my life used to be:

A dark world, full of fear, cold and alone
This girl has no one to call her own
The bitter winds blow as she walks aimlessly
She’s no place to go to truly feel safe, you see?

Her soul cries out, she longs to be loved
Someone to care, a hug, healing touch
Abandoned as a babe when life first began
She never knew sincerity of an outstretched hand.

All her life there was no one safe to trust
Danger and deceit at every turn, especially an uncle’s lust.
She learned to pretend and to hide within
Doing what she needed to survive.

“Always suspecting, always guarded, it’s not safe to get too close.
People always hurt you, they will always leave you
Once they know me for who I am.
Damaged Emotional Sexually Abused
with many family secrets inside.”

©2005 written by Cetcetera

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