About Family

Poetry inspired by family and especially the mother

A Poem About the Family’s Hold

Alone, depressed, lifeless

Not capable to think for myself

Bound, broken, always expected, never displeasing

Chameleon, performer, slave, bondage

Crushed, broken, pieces of nothingness.

A struggle……Glimmer of hope!

Victory in sight………Freedom at last!

Then the claws reach out

No air, no breath

Suffocating, strangling

Lifeless, depressed, alone

Bound, Broken


Once again.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Poem about Mom

You gave me this life

Then, you took part

In shattering my spirit

into many pieces

Stripping my identity, myself,

my being

My life has always been

Only about YOU.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Another Poem about Mom

Who am I?

What am I like?

What do I like & enjoy?

What are my favorites?

What fashion do I prefer?

What things do I like to do?

What church do I go to?

What songs do I sing?

What thoughts do I think?

What life do I lead?

Doesn’t matter.

Ask Kay. She knows.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


You brought me into this world

Your little girl

You made me the reflection

Of all you seemed to be

Pushing, prodding,

Forcing, lying

Hating me all the while

Tearing my spirit

Piece by piece

Till all of you

Was in all of me.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


I don’t understand why I’m not allowed

freedom to make choices

For some reason, God gave everyone choices

but me.

I guess life is meant for me to be that way.

But why?         I’d rather be dead!

©2002 written by Cetcetera


About the Mom’s Manipulations

Please don’t be nice to me, mom

Stop buying all these pretty clothes

Stop saving me from life’s mistakes

Please, let choices be mine to make

Your killing me with your kindness, mom

Don’t hurt me anymore

I only need space and air to breathe

Please, mom, just let me be ME.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


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