About our Inner Children

**A note to our inside children:  It’s okay, sweet ones. You no longer need to be perfect. You may ask questions. You may play. It is okay to feel anger and sadness. You are safe now.  ~From the adults and teens of cetcetera

Perfect Child, perfect smile

Don’t dare make any sudden moves

For you may disrupt the crazy one

And for that you dearly will lose

Screams of Rage

Flash of Red

You feel you will surely be dead

Objects flying

Glass breaking

Till finally she is shaking. . . . .

Shaking your body – so small

Shaking violently – like a ragdoll

Run, run safe inside your mind

Leave all this terror behind

Her teeth clenched in rage

Her eyes full of anger

You try to make the “right” face

You just try to appease her

Blackness takes over, when you awake

You realize your back, arms, legs all ache

You look and the familiarity of it takes shape

Black and blue with streaks of red. . . . .

Would the perfect child been better off dead?

The things a mother did to expend her rage

Using an innocent one young in age.

©July 2005 written by Cetcetera


Precious baby

So tiny & sweet

I so love to kiss your sweet feet.

My sweet baby

So lovely & small

I wanted to be there

Through it all.

I’m sorry they hurt you

Time & again

I wish I could’ve stopped

them, made it end.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Sweet baby

So cute & innocent

Soft & cuddly & trusting

How could you hurt

-One so small?

-One such as this?

-One who loves all?

Sweet little one

You never deserved

what you got

I want to help heal

Your wounds

Your shattered spirit

and mind

A wholeness & peace

Together we will find.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


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