Darkness Poems

****Trigger Warning**** Read with caution. Some these poems were written during a dark time and could easily trigger. Please keep your safety first. Thanks.



It is suffocating, black as night

The terror it brings cuts like a knife

It spreads out like a giant monster

To swallow you up and then another

There is pain that dwells in this blackened place

Pain that no human should ere have to face

In this dark, black, suffocating space.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


The darkness consumes me deep in a cloud

I cannot see to find a way out

It consumes me and sucks the life out of me

It stabs my eyes so I can no longer see

It covers my skin with thick scars

So thick that I can never again feel pain

It takes my breath & gives me only enough

to stay alive

I will never breathe freely again

The dark cloud overwhelms me

I fight, but to no avail

Suddenly, my strength is gone

And I am overtaken

When my spirits fail

©2002 written by Cetcetera


The room is dark and cold

And the secrets there remain untold

Forbidden words not to be said

For surely we would wind up dead

So better the secrets to hold.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


So many voices in my head

So many cries, so many dreads

The warring among all is overwhelming at times

So many screaming & so many fights

It’s a wonder we manage to stay alive

In this thing that we call life

©2002 written by Cetcetera


I almost gave up the

other day

Happiness seemed to

have gone away

The days were dark

The nights were long

There was no more joy

in my song.

I wonder why there are

times in my life

When every little thing cuts

like a knife?

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Lost & broken childhood

Pain & hurt inside

Floods over my being

Entrapping my spirit

Keeping it broken evermore

Sadness overwhelms me

Depression deep within

Can’t seem to get away

from that black cloud

Hovering always above.

©2002 written by Cetcetera


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