Poetry by kids

Poetry written by our inside kids:

I love my computer

oh yes I do

i love my computer

and it loves me, too

In the way only a

computer can do

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Once there was a drunk

Who lived right by a skunk

He wibbled and wobbled all over town

Ran over old ladies, turned upside-down

The skunk, he sprayed him up and down

He stank so bad we almost drowned

We tied a brick to weigh him down

So in the river he sunk

That good for nothing drunk

©2002 written by Cetcetera


I don’t wanta be like this

I don’t wanta face the pain

I don’t wanta go there again

I don’t wanta play that game

I don’t wanta live this life

It’s filled with misery and strife

I just wanta begin again

Erase the bad, forget the sin

Don’t be that one anymore

Who was exposed as a little girl

I will be the new lovely me

Memories gone, I am set free

©2002 written by Cetcetera


Please don’t leave me

I know I’ve done wrong

But I’m just a child

Please don’t be angry long

Cuz I just don’t know

Where I belong

©2002 written by Cetcetera



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